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Samuel G. Oliver,
Attorney at Law
200 Walton Street
P.O.Box 495
Darien, Georgia 31305

Employment Opportunities

Legal Assistant/Interpreter and Translator

Description: Seeking employee able to speek and write about legal issues in Polish and English language to work in law office in Darien, Georgia.

Apply: Fax/Mail Resume to Employer

Samuel G. Oliver,
Attorney at Law.
P O Box 495, Darien,
GA 31305
Fax (912) 437 - 2171
Traffic Citations-Speeding
  We can Help You
» Avoid or Reduce Driver's License
» Avoid or Reduce Length of Driver's License Suspension
» Avoid or Reduce Additional Jail Time
» Avoid up to 3 years of Insurance Rate Increases
» Avoid paying Extra $200 Super Speeder Fee Billed by State on Tickets of 85 mph and Over
» Gain Additional Time to Pay Fines
» Pay All Fees By Debit or Credit Card