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Criminal & Traffic Cases
For Criminal and Traffic Cases, including Speeding, Driving Under Influence (DUI/DWI), Suspended License, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device, Move Over Law Violations, Obstruction of Officer, and Possession of Marijuana or Cocaine, contact our Criminal & Traffic Legal Assistant, Margarita Pas at (912) 437-3000.
Email: margarita@darienlawyer.com
Civil & Domestic Cases
For Civil and Domestic Cases and Real Estate Closings, including Accident & Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Divorce, Adoption & Family Law, and Deeds & Closings, contact our Civil & Domestic Legal Assistant Martha Dekle at (912) 437-4090.
Fax: (912) 437-2171
Email: amberjordanamber@samoliverlaw.com
Real Estate Closings & Administrative Matters
For Real Estate Closings & Administrative Matters, contact our Real Estate Legal Assistant and Office Manager Olga Oliver at (912) 437-4090.
Fax (912) 437-2171
Email: olga@samoliverlaw.com
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You can inquire about general information from one of the Legal Assistants listed above. You can also contact Attorney Samuel G. Oliver directly by calling (912) 690-7200.
Email: sam@samoliverlaw.com

200 Walton St Darien, GA
Phone: 912-437-4000
Traffic Citations-Speeding
  We can Help You
» Avoid or Reduce Driver's License
» Avoid or Reduce Length of Driver's License Suspension
» Avoid or Reduce Additional Jail Time
» Avoid up to 3 years of Insurance Rate Increases
» Avoid paying Extra $200 Super Speeder Fee Billed by State on Tickets of 85 mph and Over
» Gain Additional Time to Pay Fines
» Pay All Fees By Debit or Credit Card