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Samuel G. Oliver,
Attorney at Law
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Speeding Ticket Attorney and More
Samuel G. Oliver is a native of Coastal Georgia, and has practiced law in Darien, Georgia since 1984. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Stetson University College of Law. He is a member of The Florida Bar, State Bar of Georgia, and United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia.

He served as Judge of the Municipal Court of Darien for 22 years, and continues to serve as a Special Master in Equity for the Superior Courts of McIntosh and Liberty County. Sam also has significant experience in civil and criminal trial practice, domestic relations, and real estate closings.

While we have a general law practice handling many different types of matters, this website is designed primarily to assist persons with criminal charges and speeding tickets in Darien and Hinesville, Georgia. Our legal assistants who are supervised directly by an attorney can provide general information to you about our standard fees and services, but do not give legal advice. Any legal questions should be directed to our attorney, Samuel G. Oliver. You will receive the best service if you use the telephone numbers and email addresses shown here, or you may complete our online form and we will call you.
Fees for Guilty Pleas to Reduced Speed or Reduced Charges:
» Attorneys fees for speeds less than 85    miles per hour   $295.00
»Attorneys fees for speeds of 85-99 miles   per hour   $295.00
» Attorneys fees for speeds 100 miles per    hour or more   $995.00
Fees for Bench Trial to Contest Charge:
» Attorneys fees for Not Guilty Plea and    Bench Trial   $765.00
For More Information call (912) 437-3000 or
Suspended License
If you are charged with Suspended License and your license has already been reinstated or can be reinstated, then we can probably help you avoid an additional 6 month or longer license suspension for Driving on a Suspended License.
» Attorneys fees for First or Second    Suspended License Charge     $765.00
For More Information call (912) 437-3000 or
Driving Under Influence(DUI/DWI)
If you are charged with Driving Under the Influence, our attorney will carefully review your case for possible defenses. If it is your first time being charged with Driving Under the Influence, our attorney will attempt to negotiate a lower charge which would save most states' Driverís Licenses and could save you from serving additional jail time. On Second or subsequent DUIís, we will attempt to negotiate less jail time.
» Attorneys fees for First or Second DUI   $1995.00
For More Information call (912) 437-3000 or
Possession of Marijuana
If you are charged with Possession of Marijuana Less than an Ounce (Misdemeanor) First Offense, then our atttorney will attempt to negotiate for you to to be sentenced to a reduced non-drug charge or under a special code section O.C.G.A. 16-13-2 a, which may save your Driver's License and has other benefits our attorney can explain to you.
» Attorneys fees for First Possession of    Marijuana, a Misdemeanor   $1495.00
For More Information call (912) 437-3000 or
Move Over Law Violation
If you are charged with a Move Over Law Violation, we may be able to negotiate a reduced charge to help reduce or avoid points.
» Attorneys fees for Move Over Law       Violation   $495.00
For More Information call (912) 437-3000 or
Failure To Obey Traffic Control Device
If you are charged with Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device, it is usually because you are a Commercial Truck Driver and you failed to stop at the I-95 Weigh Station. Our attorney will attempt to negotiate a reduced charge, which may still result in points with the new point system, but will have less impact on your Commercial Driver's License than the original charge.
» Attorneys fees for Failure to Obey Traffic   Control Device   $495
For More Information call (912) 292-1000 or
All Other Offenses
For More Information call (912) 437-3000 or
Traffic Citations-Speeding
  We can Help You
» Avoid or Reduce Driver's License
» Avoid or Reduce Length of Driver's License Suspension
» Avoid or Reduce Additional Jail Time
» Avoid up to 3 years of Insurance Rate Increases
» Avoid paying Extra $200 Super Speeder Fee Billed by State on Tickets of 85 mph and Over
» Gain Additional Time to Pay Fines
» Pay All Fees By Debit or Credit Card